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Our Commitment to Patients

Biomet's foremost obligation is to the patient. Working in concert with key orthopedic surgeons throughout the world, we have grown from a small start-up business to a leading orthopedic company, possessing one of the broadest product lines and the most dedicated Team Members in the industry. This type of success was achieved by providing patients with the highest quality, state of the art, and clinically proven products available in the marketplace.

Featured Products

Vanguard XP Preserving Knee

Learn about the Vanguard XP Preserving Knee

Oxford Warranty

Oxford® Partial Knee offers the first lifetime partial knee warrantyṪ in the U.S.

Signature™ Personalized Patient Care

You are unique. So when a part of you becomes affected by arthritis, you want a solution that's just for you.

Success Stories

Oxford Partial Knee

Mary McMullin

"I have an Oxford® Knee and I feel wonderful. I have my life back."

Knee Replacement

Sharon Orr

"I feel like I had a very good outcome from my surgery because of my attitude. And I really wanted to proceed to a normal life, which I hadn't had in a long time, and I'm thrilled."

Hip Replacement

Nancy Stewart

"Life once again the way I know it — never standing still."

Shoulder Replacement

Conrad Robinson

"...if someone has a question and I have the answer, I can put my arm up and say I know it, I know. I couldn't do that before..."