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Biomet Propeller Head Cannulated Screw System

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Trauma Biomet Propeller Head Cannulated Screw System

The Biomet Propeller Head Screws are made of titanium alloy and are intended for fixation of small bones such as those in the foot, ankle, wrist and elbow, including ligament reconstruction, arthrodesis of the foot and ankle, small bone osteotomies and osteochondritis. System features include:

  • Screws are self-drilling, self-tapping and self-countersinking
  • The design of the screw head allows this screw to self-countersink for a fully seated implant. Once fully seated, the implant does not cause soft tissue irritation in areas of little soft tissue, i.e. the hand or foot.
  • All Biomet Propeller Head screws are color coded and cannulated to allow for precise placement of the implant for optimal internal fixation