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SpeedPass Suture Retrievers

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Sports Medicine SpeedPass Suture Retrievers

Biomet Sports Medicine is proud to offer a wide array of arthroscopic suture passing devices for the rotator cuff and labral procedures. The SpeedPass Suture Passers/Retrievers are ready to use instruments for arthroscopic shoulder surgery. During shoulder surgery surgeons are often challenged with many difficult angles to repair soft tissue, so technique specific instrumentation is key. The wide range of curvatures of the SpeedPass Passers/Retrievers provides an excellent option.

Selling Points:

  • Sharp tip allows easy penetration through tissue.
  • Simple thumb slide deployment system utilizing Nitinol loop for retrieving or passing any type of suture.
  • Disposable
  • Various tip curvatures for arthroscopic Bankart, S.L.A.P. and rotator cuff repairs.