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ALLthread PEEK-Optima® Suture Anchors

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Sports Medicine ALLthread PEEK-Optima® Suture Anchors

Biomet Sports Medicine is proud to be one of the first companies to provide implants manufactured from PEEK-Optima® Polymer. This significant polymer advancement has provided benefits from both metal and resorbable technologies. PEEK-Optima® Polymer (polyetheretherketone) exhibits a optimal combination of strength, stiffness, while being radiolucent and revisable, make it ideally suited for suture anchors. PEEK is a non-resorbable, thermoplastic material that demonstrates excellent biocompatibility characteristics.


  • Fully threaded to achieve additional fixation in cortical bone, maximizing resistance to pullout and displacement1
  • PEEK-Optima® Polymer exhibits an optimal combination of strength and stiffness2 while being radiolucent.
  • Loaded with MaxBraid Suture

ALLThread Suture Anchors Double Row Repair Animation



ALLthread Knotless Suture Anchor Animation


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  1. Mahar, H, Allred D, Wedemeyer M, Abbi G, Pedowitz; “Abiomechanical and Radiolucent Analysis of Standard and Intracortical Suture Anchors for Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair.” Arthroscopy, Vol. 22, No. 2 (February), pp 130-135, 2006.
  2. Data supplied by Invibio Biomaterials Solutions and on file at Biomet Sports Medicine. Bench test results are not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.