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MaxFire Meniscal Repair Device with ZipLoop Technology

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Sports Medicine MaxFire Meniscal Repair Device with ZipLoop Technology

The MaxFire Mensical Repair Device is the first meniscal implant to utilize ZipLoop Technology. ZipLoop Technology is a unique weave in which a single strand of material is woven through itself twice in opposing directions. This allows the surgeon to customize the length and tension of the implant to fit adequately in meniscal tissue without relying on knots of any kind, creating a construct that is incredibly strong and resistant to slippage that cinches down with minimal effort.


  • The MaxFire Meniscal Repair System is an all-inside, all-suture meniscal repair system utilizing ZipLoop Technology
  • Sutures can be precisely positioned in either horizontal and/or vertical mattress stitches
  • Cannula based delivery system precisely controls the placement of meniscal sutures