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The Medial Portal Instrumentation line is designed as an all-encompassing instrumentation set for medial portal ACL reconstruction surgery. The medial portal technique allows for independent drilling of the ACL femoral and tibial tunnels which may facilitate graft placement.

Selling Points:

  • Medial Portal Femoral Aimer
    • Visualization of femoral footprint
    • Helps surgeon avoid “blowout” of the posterior wall and femoral tunnel1
  • Double Bundle Femoral Aimer
    • Desired placement of femoral guide pin
  • Point and Shoot Guide and Bullet
    • Stability in the surgeon’s hand
    • Helps avoid unwanted movement
    • Guide wire is captured in the cup
  • Low Profile Ream
    • Minimizes medial condyle damage
    • Retained implant and graft passages

Additional Information



  1. Lawhorn, K. and Howell, S. Avoiding ACL Graft Impingement: Priniciples for Tunnell Placement Using the Transtibial Tunnel Technique. http://www.drstevehowell.com/files/MTOS%20article.pdf. June 28, 2007.