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BTB Instrument System

The Biomet Sports Medicine BTB Instrument Set is designed to simplify arthroscopic ACL reconstructions. Using the Bone Cutting Templates in conjunction with the Bone Crimpers allows for consistent graft harvest and preparation. The Howell 65º Tibial Guide and the Size-Specific Femoral Aimers take the guesswork out of tunnel placement. Fixation with either TunneLoc Interference Screws or Gentle Threads Interference Screws gives the surgeon a variety of options from which to choose with optimal fixation. 


  • Complete with graft harvest, tunnel, and fixation instrumentation
  • Accommodates either the Howell 65º Tibial Guide, Modular ACL/PCL Guide, or the Fanelli ACL/PCL Guide
  • Instrumentation for titanium TunneLoc interference screws or LactoSorb Gentle Threads interference screws