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ToggleLoc Device for Distal Biceps Reattachment

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Sports Medicine ToggleLoc Device for Distal Biceps Reattachment
  • Single incision repair
  • No knot
  • Solid cortical fixation
  • Maximize tendon-to-tunnel interface
  • Push through/pull through technique

The ToggleLoc Fixation Device with ZipLoop Technology is the preferred fixation device for the distal biceps tendon reattachment.1 Distal biceps ruptures account for nearly 10% of all tendon ruptures,2 which has received significant attention in recent literature. This may be attributed to increased incidence, improved diagnosis, or both. It has also shown that operative treatment has lead to demonstrated improved flexion (30%) and supination strength (40%) compared with non-operative treatment.3

Distal Biceps Percutaneus Technique


Distal Biceps Percutaneus Technique Tendon Prep


ToggleLoc Distal Biceps Animation



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