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  •   Precision Series Features
    • Ergonomically designed handle gives surgeons the strength, durability and “feel” they desire
    • Teflon bushing in handle reduces the possibility of metal-on-metal wear and allows for smoother instrument function
    • The solid stainless steel design allows the hand and instrument to move as one, providing more comfort
    • Designed for decrease in hand fatigue during lengthy surgical procedures
    • Designed for a strong handle and tube configuration
    • Tapered tube design creates increased stability and strength to both actuator and the tube
    • Precision made cutters provide smooth and clean cuts even with the most difficult tissue
    • Low profile jaws for easy entry into tight joint space
    • Multiple styles and tip configuration allows access into virtually all areas
  • High Performance Series Features
    • The HP Instruments have a spring mechanism which controls both the movement in the handles and the tip. The tip remains open until the handle is compressed, closing the tip, allowing the surgeon to take a bite of tissue
    • The HP Instruments have a high polish finish to minimize corrosion

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