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Polaris™ 6.35 Spinal System

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Spine Polaris™ 6.35 Spinal System

Multiple Construct Options, Secure Locking Technology 

Multiple Construct Options
The System contains a wide selection of Multi-axial Screws, Fixed Screws, Lateral Connectors, and Cross Connectors, providing versatility for multiple construct options. 

Helical Flange® Technology
Minimizes Cross Threading: Upon initial contact, the upward and downward oriented thread lips easily align and guide the threads together, thus minimizing cross threading.
Minimized Seat Splay: Final torquing directs the forces across the upward and downward oriented thread lips in an inward fashion to significantly minimize seat splay. 

More Than 150,000 Times
Since 2004, spine surgeons have implanted more than 150,000 Biomet Spine screws featuring Helical Flange® Technology. 

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Helical Flange® is a registered trademark of Roger P. Jackson.