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Solitaire™ Anterior Spinal System

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Spine Solitaire™ Anterior Spinal System

Stand alone system designed to encourage consistently reproducible results, strong secure fixation and minimal manipulation 

Stand-Alone Fixation
Immediate mechanical fixation to adjacent vertebral bodies and fixates with no anterior column profile. 

Consistently Reproducible
Unique Inserter/Drill Guide improves accuracy and consistency of screw placement and fixation. Rigid and universal joint instruments facilitate hole preparation and implantation at severe angles. 

Strong Secure Fixation
Acute screw angle allows more engagement into cortical bone of endplates. Large major screw diameter allows more screw thread purchase into subchondral bone (5.5mm screw diameter). Novel spiral locking threads, designed to provide back-out resistance, lock screw into spacer; no secondary lock required. 

Minimal Manipulation
With a 25.5 degree angle, the Solitaire™ System requires a smaller incision for screw insertion. Less endplate carpentry needed (as compared to steeper angle screws) to insert screws.