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Available in PEEK-OPTIMA™

Single Chamber Design

  • Optimizes the volume of graft material to accommodate the fusion process
  • Facilitates pre-packing of bone graft material

Curved Spacer

  • Conforms to the anterior shape of the adjacent vertebral body
  • Provides greater stability within the anterior column

Endplate Sparing Design

  • Resistant to subsidence because the endplate is preserved
  • Eliminates need to cut or ream into endplate, reducing a surgical step

Triangular Teeth

  • Provide stability by engaging bony endplate
  • Located on top and bottom walls to resist sheer and rotational forces on the vertebral body

Comprehensive Range of Sizes

  • Facilitates a better anatomical fit for each patient


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PEEK-OPTIMA® is a registered trademark of Invibio® Biomaterial Solutions