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Indux Cortical Strip

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Spine Indux Cortical Strip

Combining Structure and Flexibility in a Unique Design 

2012 Orthopedics This Week Spine Technology Awards Winner
Second Place, Biologics Division

Osteoinductive Potential1

  • Demineralization process exposes inherent growth factors
  • Inherent growth factors are exposed through increased surface area1

Osteoconductive Scaffold

  • A robust, single-piece construct with a unique cross-hatch pattern maintains structure, flexibility and increased surface area1
  • Resultant channels and thru-holes allow for vascularization and osteointegration2

Additional Information


  1. Data on file (Lab# R7501-7503)
  2. Urist M.; Bone Formation by Osteoinduction; Science; 150:8930899, 1965.