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MaxAn® Anterior Cervical Plate System

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Spine MaxAn® Anterior Cervical Plate System

The only anterior cervical plate with a design rationale to help minimize the risk of Adjacent Level Ossification (ALO) 

The design rationale of the MaxAn® System is based upon published papers on studies that found the incidence of ALO significantly decreases when the plate to disc distance is greater than 5mm from the adjacent level1,2. The MaxAn® System was designed to help address the potential for ALO by offering: 

Proper Screw Placement
An innovative Trial Drill Guide that allows for trialing of the disc space and drilling the screw holes while simultaneously sizing the plate. 

Multiple Plate Sizes
The MaxAn® System offers single level plates, which begin at 8mm hole-to-hole (to be used with a 5mm graft) and increase in 1mm increments. 

Maximum Screw Angulation
The widest cephalad/caudal screw angle sweep of any cervical plate permits screw purchase in denser bone. 

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  1. Timing of Development of Adjacent Level Ossification after Anterior Cervical Arthrodesis with Plates, The Spine Journal; Citation: Volume 7, Issue 6, November-December 2007, Pages 633-636 Authors: Jong-Beom Park, Thanet Wattanaaphisit and K. Daniel Riew, M.D.
  2. Development of Adjacent-Level Ossification in Patients with an Anterior Cervical Plate, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American Edition); Citation: Issue 87, 2005, Pages 558-563 Authors: Jong-Beom Park, MD, PhD, Yong-Sun Cho, MD and K. Daniel Riew, M.D. 

These published papers did not utilize the MaxAn® System and findings are not necessarily indicative of results with the MaxAn® System.