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The Alta System is the most comprehensive ACDF system on the market with three different face plate options designed to address a continuum of fixation requirements and anatomic demands with one system.

The integrated zero or low profile system with streamlined instrumentation is less invasive as it is intended to help avoid irritation of surrounding tissue and minimize complications. The half-plate option is designed to provide a simplified procedure by helping to avoid the chin and the chest, making placement of screws easier, and ideally shaped to fit around previous hardware.

Support Fusion
Implant must provide rigid fixation.

  • Alta has either 2, 3, or 4 screws for fixation.
  • Zero-Plate and Half-Plate implants have anti-rotation spikes.

Implant must provide a large graft support for fusion.

  • Two footprints for stable support of vertebral bodies.
  • Large graft cavity for autograft material.

Simplified Procedure
Alta simplifies the procedure…

  • Up under the chin or down behind the chest, the Half-Plate eliminates the need for awkward angled instruments.
  • Adjacent to an existing anterior cervical plate, the Zero-Plate or Half-Plate can fit without the need to remove the existing hardware.
  • Eliminates the need to position the plate after the interbody spacer placement in a standard ACDF using separate plate and spacer devices.

Less Invasive
As an integrated zero- or low-profile system with streamlined instrumentation, Alta is considered a less invasive procedure with the following potential advantages:

  • Smaller skin incision.
  • Less trauma to tissues during and/or after a procedure.
  • Less retraction.
  • Simplified positioning and alignment.

Anti-screw back-out

  • Alta locking caps are secure and offer tactile, audible and visible confirmation that they are locked.

Adjacent level ossification

  • Zero-Plate has no profile to come in contact with the adjacent disc.
  • Half-Plate and Full-Plate are short and are fixed to the interbody so malpositioning can be avoided.

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