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Compress®Compliant Pre-Stress Device

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Orthopedics Compress®Compliant Pre-Stress Device

Designed to replace the distal or proximal femur in cases of severe bone loss

Designed to replace the distal and proximal femur in cases of severe bone loss, the Compress® device exemplifies Wolff’s Law—the principle that bone, when stressed, remodels to become stronger through dynamic bone compression.

  • Creates a stable, high-pressure bone-implant interface for biologic fixation,1-3 and helps to prevent stress shielding
  • Distal segmental femoral option
  • Proximal segmental femoral option
  • Enhances osseointegration at the bone-implant interface1-3
  • Short Compress® device offering requires only 46mm of canal for placement*
  • Standard Compress® device offering requires only 90mm of canal for placement*
  • Reduced Resection Compress® bodies offer replacement constructs of 8, 9.5 and 11cm
  • Standard Resection Compress® device offers a minimal replacement construct of 13cm
  • Utilizes components from the OSS™ implant offering

*Particularly advantageous in massive bone loss cases

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