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Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Orthopedics Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct

Clinically Proven Material.1 Advanced Porous Technology.

Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct unites the proven clinical history of titanium1 with an enhanced interconnecting pore structure, resulting in a revolutionary material that provides for biologic fixation.2-3

Regenerex® material provides for:

  • Average porosity of 67 percent2
  • Average pore size of 300 microns2
  • Fixation as early as two weeks in canine studies2-3
  • Compressive modulus close to that of cancellous bone2,4-5
  • High compressive strength2


Regenerex® technology is used in multiple applications, throughout knee, hip and shoulder reconstruction:


Cementless Vanguard® Complete Knee System:

  • Regenerex® Primary Tibial Tray
  • Regenerex® Series-A Patella

Vanguard® SSK Revision Knee System:

  • Regenerex® Cone Augments


  • Regenerex® RingLoc® + Modular Acetabular System
  • Regenerex® Acetabular Augments
  • Regenerex® Revision Acetabular Shells


Comprehensive® Total Shoulder System:

  • Regenerex® Central Peg Option for the Modular Hybrid® Glenoid

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