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Comprehensive® Total Shoulder System featuring Access Glenoid Instrumentation

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Orthopedics Comprehensive® Total Shoulder System featuring Access Glenoid Instrumentation

Ideal option for hemi and total shoulder arthroplasty that provides for patient specific implant selection

The Comprehensive Total Shoulder System features a broad array of options including wide-ranging sizes, customizable offset, potential for enhanced fixation and new, easy-to-use Access Glenoid Instrumentation. It also offers the flexibility to move from a hemi-arthroplasty to a total or reverse arthroplasty, or revise if necessary.

Comprehensive® Humeral Stem

  • Stems available in micro, mini, standard, fracture and revision lengths, allowing for patient-specific selection
  • Micro and mini stem technology offers bone conserving options
  • Revision stems feature a lateral fin for tuberosity repair
  • Tapered geometry for even stress offloading and proximal PPS® Porous Plasma Spray coating to facilitate biologic fixation
  • Reverse Morse taper provides for unobstructed preparation of the glenoid face
  • Micro, mini and standard stems have no proximal collar and are polished distally for ease of revision, if necessary

Learn more about Biomet's Comprehensive Mini Stem Technology

Versa-Dial™ Humeral Head

  • Infinite offset options between 0.5 and 4.5mm, providing the ability to accurately reproduce natural anatomy
  • 17 head sizes ranging from 38 to 58mm in diameter and 18 to 27mm in height
  • Minimized gap stem and head design to allow the humeral head to sit virtually flush with the resection

Modular Hybrid Glenoid

  • Available in small, medium and large ArCom® polyethylene bases for additional sizing options
  • Three outer pegs facilitate cement fixation
  • Optional central pegs include Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct, allowing for bony fixation, and ArCom® polyethylene compression fit for cemented applications
  • Central pegs feature a titanium core for strength and modularity

Comprehensive® Access Glenoid Instrumentation in Total Shoulder Applications

The fastest growing shoulder platform now offers streamlined glenoid instrumentation.1

Comprehensive® Access Glenoid Instruments meet the growing demand for ease of glenoid preparation by providing a streamlined, low-profile, cannulated instrument platform.

Four-Step Glenoid Preparation:

Step 1: Glenoid Sizing and Pin Insertion Low-profile guide offers visualization for accurate placement and sizing
Step 2: Glenoid Reaming Low-profile, cannulated reamer enters the joint with ease.
Step 3: 2-in-1 Regenerex® Post Preparation Ream the glenoid boss and Regenerex® post in one simple motion.
Step 4: Peripheral Peg Preparation No more anti-rotation pegs. The drill bits are designed with a magnetic end for quick release while resisting rotation.

  1. Orthopedic Network News. A 2012 Extremity Update. Vol23 No 1. 2012.