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Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Orthopedics Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System

The Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System is the next generation reverse shoulder prosthesis, offering unmatched intraoperative flexibility.

Comprehensive Shoulder Stems

  • Utilize the same Comprehensive platform stems (micro, mini, standard, fracture and revision)
  • Can be used as primary reverse or conversion
  • Uncemented or cemented use
  • PPS Porous Plasma Spray coating proximally to enhance biologic fixation (MacroBond coating on fracture stem)
  • 45°/135° neck-shaft angle
  • 69 stem sizes available

Comprehensive Mini Stem Microsite

Humeral Trays

  • Exclusive RingLoc technology offers a true locking mechanism between the humeral tray and bearing
  • RingLoc technology allows for removal and exchange of the bearing without disruption of the humeral tray or stem
  • Available in standard, +5mm and +10mm
  • Six suture slots provide for additional attachment points in complex fractures or revisions
  • Compatible with all humeral bearings and glenospheres

Humeral Bearings

  • Clinically proven ArComXL polyethylene bearing
  • Available in standard, +3mm and +3mm retentive
  • Includes 12° angle, making the neck-shaft angle 33°/147°
  • Anti-rotation tabs


  • Versa-Dial
    • Infinite offset options between 0.5 and 4.5mm and can be positioned in any direction*
    • Medialized or lateralized center of rotation (Standard, +3mm, +6mm)
    • Available in 36mm and 41mm
  • Fixed offset
    • Can be positioned in any direction
    • Medialized or lateralized center of rotation (Standard and +6mm)

Glenoid Baseplate

  • Hydroxyapatite (HA) over PPS Porous Plasma Spray provides for increased biologic fixation
  • Modular design allows for proper orientation of peripheral screw holes prior to impaction
  • Low-profile 28mm diameter
  • Four identical peripheral locking screw holes
  • Central boss provides for potential of increased fixation and resistance to shear forces

Screw Options

  • Modular 6.5mm central screw allows for compression and increased fixation within the glenoid vault
  • Central screws are available in lengths of 20–50mm, in 5mm increments
  • 4.75mm fixed angle locking and non-locking screws are available
  • Non-locking peripheral screws provide for 12 degrees of flexibility
  • All peripheral screws are available in lengths of 15–45mm, in 5mm increments


*Offset range is limited to 1.5 to 3.5mm for 36mm standard glenosphere.