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The TraumaOne plating system offers an all-in-one, streamlined trauma system with a complete offering of implants and instrumentation.

System Highlights

  • Improved Trocar System - Built-in drill guide allows the surgeon to go from drilling through a guide to inserting a screw through the cannula by simply switching a button
  • Cheek Retractor - Fiberoptic capabilities to illuminate the fracture site as well as calibrated drill bits for bicortical screw measurements
  • Rapid IMF Application - Innovative blade design that engages the entire IMF screw head to provide retention and stability during screw insertion
  • Reversible Large Angle Plates - Reversible large angle plates eliminate the need for traditional left and right angle designs and allows for the reduction of hospital inventory
  • Customization - Plate caddies contain additional pockets for new plate designs Screw caddies have removable pegs that allow for the stocking of high usage items at increased par levels. A finger mat for both the midface and mandible tiers to include specialty instruments or implants.

Specialty Instrumentation

  • Fernandes Orbital Retractor – This specialty instrument is easily adjusted intraoperatively to accommodate different orbital volumes and infraorbital rim curvatures
  • Full Guard – This specialty instrument is designed to assist in performing fibula osteotomies for mandibular reconstruction