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Patient-Matched Solutions. Rapid Response.

Program Advantages

  • Capability to design and modify instrumentation, plating, screws, blades, trays and other items
  • Requests are documented and forecasted, resulting in quicker delivery on repeat orders
  • Capability for rapid prototyping
  • Quality products that meet the unique needs of each surgeon
  • Dedicated team of engineers

Patient-Matched Pre-Bent Plates

  • Designed using anatomical models and extensive surgeon input, Patient-Matched Pre-Bent Plates provide an alternative to traditional mandibular reconstruction techniques.
  • Ready-for-placement plates help enhance the accuracy of reconstruction procedures with pre-operative planning
  • Collaborative Approach: Surgeon input ensures the plate design reflects operative plans for reconstruction
  • Anatomical Fit: Plates are pre-bent using patient-matched anatomical models
  • May Reduce O.R. Time: Eliminates the need for complex intraoperative bending.

*Biomet is committed to manufacturing only products that are in compliance with applicable state and federal regulatory requirements. All requests to Rapid Response are evaluated to ensure that the requested product complies with applicable U.S. federal and state regulatory and quality requirements.