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Encompass Orthognathic with VSP® Technology

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Microfixation Encompass Orthognathic with VSP® Technology

Redesigning Personalized Care.

Bringing together experts in design, manufacturing, logistics, and support, Encompass allows the surgeon to provide a personalized surgical blueprint for each patient. This roadmap begins with Virtual Surgical Planning from Medical Modeling, the industry leader in virtual surgical planning and design. With more than ten years of research and development behind it, VSP® Technology has reshaped traditional orthognathic procedures, supporting Biomet’s mission to help one surgeon provide personalized care to one patient more than one million times a year.

VSP Technology Offers:

  • Anatomically-based, three dimensional surgical simulation for osteotomies and repositioning.
  • Accurate integration of occlusal data from physical and digital stone models.
  • Customizable splints for a variety of clinical needs including occlusal overlap and palatal strutting.

VSP Technology Surgical Kit Includes:

  • Patient-specific splints
  • Case report
  • Skull model (available on request)

VSP® is a registered trademark of Medical Modeling Inc.