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BlueDevice Multi-Vector Distraction

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Microfixation BlueDevice Multi-Vector Distraction

The BlueDevice is a multi-vector distraction system, which provides a wide range of adjustments during surgery and throughout the mid-face advancement period.


  • Suitable for patients ages two and up
  • Multi-directional device allows for precise control
  • Non-linear frame fixation increase halo rigidity
  • Distraction plates may eliminate the need for the fabrication of intra-oral splints and serve as the bone fixation points for the wires
  • Placement and removal are done quickly and easily. Removal may be done in the office, or clinical setting after consolidation has occurred.

Congenital or developed deficiencies of the oral, cranial and maxillofacial skeleton
Post-traumatic defects of the oral, cranial and maxillofacial skeleton

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