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Allogenix™ and Allogenix Plus

Biomet Healthcare Professionals Microfixation Allogenix™ and Allogenix Plus

Allogenix™ is an off-the-shelf, moldable tissue graft that combines DBM with a non-toxic, lipid carrier.

Shown to be osteoinductive through bioassay, Allogenix is formulated with a natural lipid carrier (Lecithin) that is resistant to breakdown of bodily fluids. Indications for use include filling small craniofacial defects and craniotomies.

Allogenix Features

  • Easy to use: Requires no mixing, warming or special storage
  • Osteoinductive*: Every lot is bioassayed to demonstrate its osteoinductivity
  • Tested: Manufactured using AATB strict screening standards, no donor pooling and aseptic processing with viral inactivation.
  • Insoluble: Designed to maintain shape and consistency in a wet environment. Carrier will be absorbed and dispersed naturally
  • Available in 1,2,5 and 10cc

Allogenix Plus Features

  • Biocompatible
  • Bioassayed to demonstrate osteoinductivity*
  • Sterile, highly resorbable calcium carbonate with a slower resorbing outer layer of hydroxyapatite
  • Available in 2 and 5cc

Indications for use include filling small craniofacial defects and craniotomies no larger than 25cm2.
*Correlation of osteoinductivity to clinical performance in patients is unknown

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