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OsteoGen<sup>®</sup>-M Bone Growth Stimulator

OsteoGen®-M Bone Growth Stimulator

Grid-Like Format of Mesh Cathode Provides Multiple Points of Contact on Host Bone

The innovative mesh cathode of the OsteoGen®-M mesh cathode offers increased surface area and a scaffolding effect designed to increase contact between graft material and fracture ends in the management of nonunions. Orthopaedic surgeons may find this product particularly appropriate for high-risk patients and as an adjunct for re-do bone graft surgery.

Product Advantages
  • Pre-formed cathode facilitates quick and easy placement against decorticated bone
  • Increases contact between cathode and host bone to enhance application of current
  • Provides an electrified scaffold for stimulating bone growth
  • Totally implanted to assure patient compliance
  • No special surgical instrumentation required
  • Generator has 6-month minimum implant life for continuous treatment 24 hours/day
  • Made from biocompatible inert titanium and silicone so not to add to risk of infection

*MRI safety information has not yet been established for OsteoGen® Implantable Bone Growth Stimulators. The FDA approved device trade name is the EBI OsteoGen® Implantable Growth Stimulator.

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