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JuggerKnot Soft Anchor 1.4mm Short

It’s small. It’s strong. And it's all suture.

The JuggerKnot™ Soft Anchor represents the next generation of suture anchor technology. The 1.4mm deployable anchor design is a completely suture-based system, and is the first of its kind.
  • Loaded with #1 MaxBraid™ Suture—leaves a lower knot profile vs. a #2 suture
  • Tapered #5 needles can be used to tie down soft tissue
  • Small drill guide minimizes invasive to surrounding tissue invasion
  • Smaller anchor diameter allows multiple anchors to be placed
  • Reduces likelihood of intersecting anchors when placing multiple anchors
  • Soft anchor deployment system—completely suture based implant
  • Anchor made from #5 polyester suture
  • Eliminates the possibility of rigid material loose bodies in the joint
  • The volume of bone that is removed with a 3.0mm drill is equivalent to four JuggerKnot™ device drill holes
Foot and Ankle Indications
  • Medial / lateral repair and reconstruction
  • Medial / lateral repair and reconstruction
  • Mid- and forefoot repair
  • Hallux valgus reconstruction
  • Metatarsal ligament/tendon repair or reconstruction
  • Achilles Tendon Repair
Hand and Wrist Indications
  • Collateral ligament repair
  • Scapholunate ligament reconstruction
  • Tendon transfers in phalanx
  • Volar plate reconstruction
Studies by Alan Barber, M.D., et al., have shown the 1.4mm JuggerKnot™ Soft Anchor to have higher load to failure in both cortical and cancellous bone as compared to other 3mm anchors.

It’s small. It’s strong.1,2 And it’s all suture.

1. Barber FA, Herber MA, Beavis RC, and Oro FB; “Suture Anchor Materials, Eyelets, and Designs: Update: 2008.” Arthroscopy Vol. 24, No. 8 pp 859–867, 2008

2. Barber FA, Herbert MA, Hapa O, Rapley JH, Barber CA, Bynum JA, Hrnack SA.; “Suture Anchor Update 2010.” Arthroscopy 2010; In Press.

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