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ZipTight™ Fixation System with ZipLoop™ Technology for Ankle Syndesmosis

  • Knotless to eliminate irritation caused by prominent knots in soft tissue
  • Low profile to help avoid irritation in the minimal soft tissue of the ankle
  • MaxBraid™ suture between two unique metal buttons
  • Easy–to–flip 11mm ToggleLoc™ Fixation device on medial side
  • 6.35mm flat, round button on lateral side
The ZipTight™ Fixation System for Ankle Syndesmosis is a low profile, knotless suture fixation system featuring ZipLoop™ Technology. It provides a fixation alternative to rigid stainless steel screws for repairing ankle syndesmosis joint disruptions. The ZipTight™ Fixation System features a smaller version of Biomet Sports Medicine’s easy-to-flip ToggleLoc™ Fixation device for medial side fixation and a round button for lateral fixation connected by MaxBraid™ suture. The ZipTight™ Fixation System is available with either titanium or stainless steel buttons. The ZipTight™ Fixation System for Ankle Syndesmosis allows for micro-motion during healing which more closely mimics the patient’s true joint mechanics.

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