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ToggleLoc™ Femoral Fixation device with ZipLoop™ Technology

  • Maximizes soft-tissue graft-to-tunnel interface
  • One size for varying tunnel lengths
  • Uniquely woven polyethylene construct
The ToggleLoc™ Femoral Fixation Device with ZipLoop™ Technology is designed to capture the cortical bone of the femur while providing significant fixation strength with virtually no slippage. The device also allows for a change in the lengths of its loop in order to make it fit in virtually any length tunnel.

With ZipLoop™ Technology, surgeons can maximize the amount of collagen in a femoral tunnel, tension the ACL graft from the femoral side (after tibial fixation is achieved), and eliminate the need for multiple sizes of implants.

Additional Information

ACL Reconstruction Surgical Video with Eric McCarty, MD.

ToggleLoc™ Trans Tibial Animation

Trans Tibial Surgical Video with E Lyle Cain, MD.

ACL Reconstruction Bone-Tendon-Bone Animation

ACL Reconstruction Medial Portal Animation

ACL Reconstruction Medial Portal Surgical Video with Jeffery Michaelson, MD.

PCL Reconstruction Animation

ACL Reconstruction Double Tunnel Animation

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reattachment Animation

ZipLoop™ Technology Animation

Distal Biceps Tendon Reattachment Surgical Video with Mark Albritton, MD

Distal Biceps Tendon Attachment to Implant Animation

ToggleLoc™ Femoral Fixation Device with ZipLoop™ Technology Testing Data
PDF File - 764 KB

ToggleLoc™ Device ACL Recon BTB Surgical Technique James Andrews, M.D.
PDF File - 829 KB

ToggleLoc™ Device ACL Recon Surgical Technique Mark Gittins, D.O.
PDF File - 1,035 KB

Patient Risk Information - 01-50-1186
PDF File - 151 KB

Biomet Sports Medicine ToggleLoc™ Fixation Device wiht ZipLoops™ Technology vs. Arthrex ACL TightRop
PDF File - 286 KB

ToggleLoc Single Tibial Tunnel Double Bundle Eric McCarty, MD
PDF File - 973 KB

ToggleLoc Fixation Device with ZipLoop Technology Arthroscopic PCL Reconstruction
PDF File - 1,371 KB

Coracoid Bone Conserving Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction using ToggleLoc™ Device with ZipLoop
PDF File - 1,041 KB

ToggleLoc Inline Device with ZipLoop™ Technology and TunneLoc® Tibial Fixation for ACL Reconstructi
PDF File - 1,325 KB

JuggerKnot Soft Anchor–2.9 mm with Needles and ToggleLoc Fixation Device with ZipLoop Technology
PDF File - 978 KB

ToggleLoc™ Fixation Device Femoral Fixation for ACL Reconstruction Surgical Technique
PDF File - 693 KB

ToggleLoc Fixation Device BTB ACL Technique - BMET0548.0-GBL
PDF File - 766 KB


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