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JuggerKnot™ Soft Anchor 1.4 mm

It’s small. It’s strong. And it’s all suture. The JuggerKnot™ Soft Anchor represents the next generation of suture anchor technology. The 1.4mm deployable anchor is a completely suture–based system, and is the first of its kind.

The implant is made from a #5 polyester suture and is loaded with a MaxBraid™ Suture. The volume of bone that is removed with a 3.0mm drill is equivalent to four JuggerKnot™ device drill holes. This smaller anchor diameter allows multiple anchors to be placed in various anatomical locations.
  • Smaller cannula is less invasive to surrounding tissue
  • MaxBraid™ Suture has been shown to have superior knot security over competitive suture1
1. Swan KG, Baldini T, McCarty EC; “Arthroscopic Suture Material and Knot Type,” American Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol. 37 No. 8: 1pp 578 – 1585, May 2009

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