Lineum OCT Spine System

There are very few products which can truly be deemed Game Changing.

Biomet's Translation™ Screw Technology is one of those rare innovations.

Broad Range of Construct Options

The Lineum™ OCT Spine System offers a broad range of construct options, which include various sizes and styles of:

  • Hooks
  • Cross connectors
  • Lateral connectors
  • Rod connectors
  • Screw sizes
  • And much more

Rod Materials
Since every surgeon develops individual preferences for construct materials, Biomet Spine offers rod material options in cobalt chrome and titanium.

3.5mm Rod Options Offer Strength and Flexibility
Both the cobalt chrome and titanium rod material options were chosen to provide strength and flexibility in a 3.5mm rod diameter.

Impressive Properties of Cobalt Chrome Alloy Rods
Cobalt chrome alloy rods offer some very useful attributes. The high strength material is wear resistant and corrosion resistant with stiffness and strength similar to stainless steel.

Procedurally Efficient Instrumentation

Adjustable Depth Drill Guide

A truly unique drill guide allows surgeons to easily shift drill depth gears 2mm at a time. Additional confirmation of drill depth is provided by a drill depth gear window, which displays the current drill depth in terms of millimeters. The rotating grip handle provides maneuverability for easy repositioning, while maintaining the appropriate drill trajectory.

Rocket™ Rod Reducer

Rocket™ Rod Reducers utilize spring loaded tips for secure screw engagement and tactile feedback. The self centering reduction design and adjustability provide controlled sequential rod reduction to fully position rods into screw or hook seats.


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