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Vanguard® Complete</br> Knee System

The Vanguard Complete Knee represents the clinical heritage of former Biomet knee systems and combines it with state-of-the-art design features to produce one of the most comprehensive total knee systems currently available.

Increased Motion

Knee implants are designed with a groove, or track, that the kneecap rides in as the leg straightens and bends.

  • The Vanguard Knee’s forgiving track allows the knee to achieve motion without sacrificing additional healthy bone during surgery.
  • The Vanguard Complete Knee is engineered to accommodate up to 145 degrees of flexion*

Vanguard® Complete Knee System Kneecap Groove

Personalized Fit

The Vanguard Complete Knee System offers 90 different size combinations for a more personalized fit to unique anatomy. The Vanguard Complete Knee System:

  • Is engineered for each femoral implant to fit with any size tibial (shinbone) implant
  • Delivers 90 different size combinations for a more personalized fit 


Polyethylene is used to replace the damaged cartilage at the top of the tibia (shinbone). The polyethylene acts to cushion the joint as the knee moves and bears weight.

  • The Vanguard Complete Knee System's polyethylene components use a direct-compression molding manufacturing process that has been shown to produce more durable implant components when compared to other, more conventional manufacturing methods.1-3


If you have any questions regarding the Vanguard Complete Knee System, please speak with an orthopedic surgeon. Biomet is a manufacturer of orthopedic implants and does not practice medicine. Only an orthopedic surgeon can determine what treatment is appropriate. Individual results of total joint replacement may vary. The life of any implant will depend on your weight, age, activity level, and other factors. For more information on risks, warnings, and possible adverse effects, see the Patient Risk Information section found within Always ask your doctor if you have any questions regarding your particular condition or treatment options.

* Stormont, Daniel M., et al. "The Relationship Between Pre- and Postoperative Range of Motion Utilizing Three Cruciate-Retaining Knee Prostheses."Data on file at Biomet, Inc. Bench test results are not necessarily indicative of clinical performance

1. Beading, L.: "Direct Molded Components Shown to Resist Oxidation." Orthopaedics Today, 17(4): 1997.
2. Furman, D.D.: Ritter, M.: Perone, J.B.: Furman, G.L.: Li, S.: "(Abstract) Effect of Resin Type and Manufacturing Method on UHMWPE Oxidation and Quality at Long Aging and Implant Times." 43rd Annual Meeting Orthopaedic Research Society, San Francisco, CA, Feb. 9-13, 1997.
3. Beading, L.: "Polyethylene-Related Failure: A Challenge to TKA." Orthopaedics Today, 16-21, 1996.

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