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Hip Replacement Patients

  • Mary Lou Retton

    The next time, I won't wait so long. Biomet changed my life!
  • Vince Powell

    For the first time in many years, I actually enjoy walking.
  • Margie Morrow

    Two Hip Replacements and Two Knee Replacements
  • Dr. Winfield S. Fisher, III

    A doctor looking to restore his quality of life.
  • Dewey Earwood

    Years of competing in notable tournaments interrupted by progressive pain in both hips.
  • Richard Morrison

    My quality of life is much better now and I feel that I will be active much longer in life.
  • Cindy Colina

    I have regained full mobility in my hip and can do all the dance and exercise activities that were once extremely painful.
  • Judy Mace

    I am now able to do all that I was unable to do prior to the replacement
  • Janet Ludy Petry

    Janet continues to swim, cycle and walk, enjoying the activities once deprived from her due to the pain.
  • Deborah Killeffer

    People who live in pain should realize what a tremendous change it would be to have the procedure and live healthier.
  • Nancy Stewart

    By early May, I had another Golden Retriever puppy and I was back in my garden, enjoying the things I love, pain free!
  • Mary Chamberlain

    I am considering taking tennis lessons; that is how great I feel. Thanks to your company and my great doctor.
  • John Cornish

    I can do so many things that I couldn't do for a couple of years. And it's just like getting a new life again.
  • Albert McClelland

    "I am very thankful to the staff of Biomet in Warsaw, Indiana. They are truly exemplifying the human spirit through technology."
  • Jeffrey Scott Lawrence

    He knows he will have to have his right hip replaced in the next few years, but he is actually looking forward to it.
  • George Bacon

    The surgery has improved my daily life 100%.
  • Dennis Vacha

    The fact that Dennis would be able to continue his love for refereeing encouraged him to work diligently during his rehabilitation.
  • Dave Mason

    Dave is on the fast track to recovery.
  • Carol Freeman

    "Having gone through [hip surgery] before, this time was so much less painful. That was the biggest surprise for me."
  • Bob Firari

    Six weeks after surgery, Bob was able to return to work and his daily activities.

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