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SpinalPak® II Spine Fusion Stimulator

By selecting the SpinalPak® II Spine Fusion Stimulator, you and your doctor will take advantage of an adjunctive treatment to aid in the healing of your primary lumbar spine fusion. The SpinalPak® II System delivers a low intensity electrical signal that promotes bone fusion. The signal operates at a high frequency; therefore, you should not feel the signal during your treatment. Two lightweight electrodes (conductors of the electrical signal) are placed on your back, inches apart from one another, at the level of your surgery. These electrodes are easy to apply and adhere to the skin over your back near your surgery site.

Easy To Operate

The SpinalPak® II System is portable and easy to operate, allowing you to treat your spinal fusion while going about your daily routine. You can treat with the device by using the system under a back brace or alone. SpinalPak® II System capacitive coupling technology is the only noninvasive technology for spinal fusion that offers 24-hour daily treatment. It is very important that you treat with the SpinalPak® System for the recommended 24-hours per day. The SpinalPak® System can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription. Upon receiving a prescription for the SpinalPak® II System from your doctor, you will receive a Patient Manual and Package Insert with your new unit.

System Advantages

  • The SpinalPak® II System is the most lightweight, low-profile non-invasive spine fusion stimulator on the market
  • The SpinalPak® II System provides comfort while going about your everyday activities, and can be worn under a back brace

Rx Only - Prescription Only - Single Patient Use.

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