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Learn About Arthritis / Arthritis Treatments

Your doctor may prescribe injections into your joints to help reduce swelling and pain.

Cortisone injections directly into joints may be used. Cortisone is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the adrenal gland that regulates inflammation. and when injected into a joint can relieve or reduce both swelling and pain. Cortisone may have some negative effects on both joints and soft tissues therefore its use is normally limited to a few injections per year.

Hyaluronate injections have been approved for arthritis of the knee. They may help relieve osteoarthritis pain and restore joint function. Hyaluronate is a naturally occurring substance in joint fluid that provides lubrication and cushioning to the joint. As osteoarthritis continues to develop, the joint fluid becomes thinner with less hyaluronate and thus loses its ability to properly lubricate and cushion the joint cartilage. Please speak to your doctor about this particular treatment option.

Biomet is a manufacturer of orthopedic implants and does not practice medicine.

This information was prepared in conjunction with a licensed physician and is presented as general information only. Only an orthopedic surgeon can determine what treatment is appropriate. Always ask your doctor if you have any questions regarding your particular condition or treatment options.

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