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Learn About Arthritis / Arthritis Treatments
Pain Control

Over the Counter Medications

Medications are important in the treatment of arthritis. They help relieve joint swelling and pain, which can lead to improvement in everyday function and quality of life. All medications have potential side effects therefore should be taken only when necessary.


The non-narcotic analgesic Tylenol® is generally safe and effective in relieving minor pain and discomfort. The Academy of Rheumatology has suggested this as the first line in treatment of arthritis. Tylenol, however, does not reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis. Patients with liver disease should avoid Tylenol. Ask your physician about dosing and safety.


Non-selective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Motrin®, Advil®, and Aleve® may be suggested by your surgeon. These are very low dose and are usually indicated for mild arthritis pain and may be effective when Tylenol® is not.

Topical Creams

Many topical creams are on the market to reduce pain from arthritis. The American College of Rheumatology does recommend capsaicin as part of the treatment plan. Capsaicin is found in red peppers and is thought to help with the release of the body's natural painkillers while also blocking a chemical that transmits pain signals. Check with your physician before using the cream.

Biomet is a manufacturer of orthopedic implants and does not practice medicine.

This information was prepared in conjunction with a licensed physician and is presented as general information only. Only an orthopedic surgeon can determine what treatment is appropriate. Always ask your doctor if you have any questions regarding your particular condition or treatment options.

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