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Learn About Arthritis / Arthritis Treatments
Activity Modifications

Body Mechanics

Proper body mechanics can lead to a more effective use of your body and less strain on your joints. The following activity modification guidelines may prove helpful:

  • Avoid stooping; stand up straight
  • Avoid sitting in low chairs to reduce stress on your knees and hips when sitting and rising.
  • While traveling, get up and move around every hour or so to avoid stiff joints.
  • Avoid impact-loading activities (e.g. running, jumping).
  • Reduce climbing (e.g. stairs, hills, etc.).

Helpful Hints

If sitting in a chair hurts your back, position yourself as follows. Select a chair that has a firm seat and fairly straight back. Beware of deep, soft chairs or sofas and change positions frequently.

Weight Control

Maintaining your ideal body weight will help keep your joints healthy. Being overweight puts more stress on your weight-bearing joints, making your arthritic symptoms worse and leading to stiffness and pain. Many claims have been made concerning diet as a cause of osteoarthritis but none have yet been proven. Ask your doctor to advise you on a weight-loss program to fit your needs.

Biomet is a manufacturer of orthopedic implants and does not practice medicine.

This information was prepared in conjunction with a licensed physician and is presented as general information only. Only an orthopedic surgeon can determine what treatment is appropriate. Always ask your doctor if you have any questions regarding your particular condition or treatment options.

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