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Signature™ Personalized Patient Care*

Signature™ Personalized Patient Care*
Surgeon Designed. Patient Matched.SM

Signature™ Online Management System

The Signature™ system addresses anatomic individuality with an image-based approach to interactive preoperative planning, visualization and creation of patient-specific surgical positioning guides.
  • The Signature™ system’s total knee application utilizes MRI or CT imaging, incorporating mechanical axis and traditional alignment philosophies
  • The intuitive layout of the Signature™ Total Knee Planning Software provides a multitude of preoperative visualization options to fine-tune implant size and position and generate Signature™ positioning guides
  • The Signature™ system, when used in conjunction with the Vanguard® Complete Knee System’s abundant femoral and tibial component size offerings, numerous tibial articulations and patellar sizes and thicknesses, optimizes clinical utility and addresses each patient’s soft-tissue requirements
*A collaborative partnership with Materialise N.V.
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