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Taperloc®  Hip System

Taperloc® Hip System
26 years of proven clinical success1-4

Combining excellent clinical success and durability for the last 26 years, the Taperloc® hip continues to deliver consistent, reproducible results. The Taperloc® stem is designed after the European philosophy of a flat tapered wedge. It has evolved to incorporate the Reduced Distal and Microplasty™ stems to better address all patient anatomies and facilitate multiple surgical techniques.

Taperloc® System Design Features
  • Flat tapered wedge geometry enhances proximal offloading and bone preservation and provides for rotational stability
  • Standard and lateralized offset options reproduce various patient anatomies without lengthening the leg
  • PPS® coating allows for initial scratch-fit stability and bone ingrowth
  • Flexibility of titanium allows for stress transfer to preserve cortical density
Three Stem Options
  • Taperloc® Standard stem is designed after the European philosophy of a flat tapered wedge and has over 25 years of clinical success
  • Taperloc® Reduced Distal stem accurately addresses femoral canals with proximal/distal mismatch, therefore reducing the potential for thigh pain
  • Taperloc® Microplasty™ stem accommodates a minimally invasive approach to preserve soft tissues and bony structures while offering an alternative to hip resurfacing
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