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Aspen<sup>®</sup> Contour™ TLSO Lumbosacral Brace

Aspen® Contour™ TLSO Lumbosacral Brace

The Contour™ TLSO brace by Aspen® completes the QuikDraw™ Bracing System by providing superior motion restriction for thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine. The compression of the QuikDraw™ brace, the rigidity of the Contour™ back panel and the stability of the TLSO upgrade combine to provide patients with a spinal orthosis that is simple to use, effective, comfortable and economic.

System features include:
  • An innovative design that provides enhanced protection against unwanted motion at the injury site to protect the patient during the recovery period and to prevent further injury
  • A modular brace that can be built up to a full TLSO with chest panel for even more protection or broken down to a simple TLSO. As the patient is recovering and improving, the brace can be converted to to an LSO or even a simple RAP.
  • An innovative strap design allows the chest panel to easily attach to the TLSO frame, reducing time spent on application
  • Comfortable padding that interfaces with the patient may improve patient outcomes through enhanced compliance as comfort is a main contributor to patient compliance
  • Enhanced effectiveness by covering the spine from the T9 vertebrae to the sacrococcygeal junction combined with its unlimited adjustability
Aspen is a registered trademark of Aspen Medical Products, Inc. Contour is a trademark of Aspen Medical Products, Inc. QuikDraw is a trademark of Aspen Medical Products, Inc.

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