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CERAMENT™ | BONE VOID FILLER is an injectable synthetic bone graft substitute combining two natural materials–hydroxyapatite and calcium sulphate–with a radiopacity enhancing agent. The composition includes 40% Hydroxyapatite, 60% Calcium Sulphate, and liquid radiopacity enhancing component containing Iohexol.

User Friendly
  • Simple handling and mixing
  • Allows the material to be injected into cavities or drill holes through narrow gauge needles or delivery systems1,2,3
  • For precise deposition of the material into the defect site2
  • Enhances direct contact between implant and bone1,4
  • Calcium sulphate matrix with embedded hydroxyapatite particles creates an osteoconductive framework allowing for new bone formation1,2,3,4
Mimics Bone
  • Designed to mimic the properties of cancellous bone in terms of stiffness and strength1,2
Long–term Scaffold
  • Hydroxyapatite particles provide a supportive long-term scaffold and maintains adequate bone strength even after the early healing phase1

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