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BioCUE™ Platelet Concentration System

Focus on Bone Marrow
Aspirated bone marrow is frequently used as a bone grafting tool. Designed to process autologous bone marrow aspirate and whole blood, the BioCUE™ System represents an evolution in this technique. The system has all the components to ASPIRATE bone marrow and whole blood, PROCESS the disposable system, and produce and output to HYDRATE the surgeons choice of autograft and/or allograft.

The bone marrow aspirate (BMA) needle provided with the BioCUE™ System has several advantages over traditional aspiration needles.
  • 6 holes as the distal tip, allowing for more efficient aspiration
  • Stylet with trocar point for penetration of the cortal bone into the bone marrow cavity
  • Stylet with blunt tip for easy movement of the needle within the bone marrow cavity
Blood draw components are provided for the aspiration of whole blood using standard venipuncture techniques.

Unlike traditional PRP disposables which can only process whole blood, the BioCUE™ System is designed to concentrate platelets and white blood cells from a combination of BMA and whole blood.

Features of the BioCUE™ System include:
  • Dual buoy design eliminates need to filter bone marrow or whole blood prior to processing
  • Outputs 6cc of autologous PRP from BMA and whole blood
  • 15 minute centrifugation cycle using dedicated Biomet Biologics centrifuge
  • PRP contains 70% of available platelets and 74% of available white blood cells

Surgeons can use the PRP from the BioCUE™ System to hydrate their choice of autograft or allograft.

Surgeons seeking a synthetic bone graft substitute can utilize Biomet Biologics' Bone Graft Convenience Kit which includes 15cc of Bonus™ Synthetic Bone Graft.

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